The City of Milford

Long Term Recovery Committee

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Mission Statement:

The mission of the City of Milford's Long Term Recovery Task Force is to aid the citizens of Milford to regain the quality of life they enjoyed prior to a disaster. Recovery plans shall include development of goals and objectives for preparedness, mitigation and recovery activities. To accomplish these goals and objectives, resources from government, business, industry, faith based groups, volunteer and non-profit agencies will forge a partnership.

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Get Help for Superstorm Sandy Recovery in Milford:

  • Funding is now available through the United Way from several sources including the Robin Hood Foundation, the City of Milford, and United Way. Gift cards are also available. PLEASE NOTE: YES, THERE ARE FUNDS AVAILABLE FOR THOSE THAT ARE NOT INCOME ELEGIBLE.
    • Contact Erica Bento at (203) 783-3253 to set up an appointment and get information on grants that are available for you personally. All cases are reviewed and considered separately.

  • The Milford FEMA representative is Bill Richard.  He can be contacted at (203) 996-2149 for updated information from FEMA.

  • The Red Cross is offering $10,000 Grants for those who have sustained more than 50% damage to their home. For more information, contact Chris Baker at (860) 678-2823.

  • Work on HUD grants is under way. Contact Tom Ivers at (203) 783-3230 or Bob Gregory for more information.

  • The Hazard Mitigation Plan was completed and submitted to the State. The Action Plan should be announced May 15th.