About Us


CT Rises is a committee of the CT VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster). The purpose of CT Rises is to provide Connecticut residents with a central resource for disaster recovery efforts and assistance. Although CT Rises was originally formed to aid in the recovery from Hurricane Sandy, the committee exists to assist with any future disasters which may impact the state.

CT Rises is comprised of representatives from many organizations committed to serving the residents of Connecticut as they strive to recover and rise from the devastation following a disaster. Members of CT Rises work to accomplish the following mission:

  • Identify disaster-caused unmet needs of individuals and families
  • Identify available resources from voluntary organizations
  • Coordinate delivery of appropriate resources to resolve identified needs
  • Identify and support preparedness efforts for future disasters to individuals and families

History of CT Rises

After Hurricane Sandy struck the Northeast in 2012, Connecticut’s long term recovery began.  Primary help from FEMA Assistance and personal assistance can help survivors recover, but many times the recovery process extends beyond that assistance. Founded by representatives from local Faith-based and Non-Profit organizations, Connecticut Rises was created to help survivors statewide with unmet needs after Hurricane Sandy. These needs can be met with funds, appliances, and volunteer work. As large scale hurricanes become more common in the Northeast, Connecticut Rises plans on being there to help any future survivors with unmet needs throughout Connecticut.

Duties and responsibilities of CT Rises are shared among its various sub-committees:

  • Executive Committee: Consists of offices to guide and oversee the work and conduct of CT Rises and serves as stewards of donated monies and/or resources.
  • Unmet Needs Table: Hears cases of unmet needs presented by a case manager and makes decision regarding if and how to address those unmet needs.
  • Disaster Case Management Committee: Identifies and trains case managers to work with individuals and families seeking assistance with disaster-related unmet needs.
  • Membership Committee: Identifies organizations that can provide needed resources to assist in disaster recovery unmet needs.
  • Education and Outreach Committee: Communicates relevant information to the general public related to the mission, capabilities and activities of CT Rises.
  • Emotional and Spiritual Support Committee: Provides appropriate emotional and spiritual care resources to those impacted by disaster.